Criminal Investigations Division (CID) + Narcotics Unit

The primary function of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is to conduct follow-up investigations of reported crimes. These investigations consist of locating and interviewing victims and witnesses; locating, identifying, and preserving physical evidence; recovering stolen property; identifying, locating, interviewing, and arresting criminal suspects; and presenting criminal cases to the District Attorney's office for prosecution.

NamePhone NumberEmail (*Click link below)
Captain Anthony Hamby704-878-3515Contact Captain Hamby
Sergeant Craig Wolfe704-878-3516Contact Sergeant Wolfe
Sergeant Christy Cleary704-878-3518Contact Sergeant Cleary

The Statesville Police Department is committed to bringing those responsible for the homicides of the following individuals to justice. If you have any information and have not come forward, or know anyone with information regarding any of these cases, you are urged to contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 704-878-3515 or report anonymously by calling Iredell Crime Stoppers at 704-662-1340 as soon as possible.

Unsolved Homicides:

03/16/1988: Delmer Gene Edwards @ 218 East End Avenue- Victim was beaten and stabbed inside his home.

01/03/1992: Ethel Weaver @ 538 Bond Street- Victim was stabbed in her bedroom during the early morning hours.

02/03/1992: Ernest Gill Sr. @ 311 Stockton Street- Victim was stabbed inside this residence.

02/05/1992: Linzy Williams @ 436 North Tradd Street- Victim was shot as he sat inside a vehicle at this location.

05/06/1992: Rosa Bratcher @ 521 Fayetteville Avenue- Victim was beaten by an intruder inside her home.

12/21/1993: Kenneth Moser & Brady Lowtharpe @ 1715 5th Street Extension- Victims were shot inside residence.

12/04/1998: Willie D. Connor @ 809-A Caldwell Street- Victim was shot and transported to this location where he collapsed and later died.

05/25/2001: John L. Davis @ 1226-C Wilson Lee Boulevard- Victim was shot at the back door of the residence.

07/10/2003: Charles W. Ikard @ 1226-A Wilson Lee Boulevard- Victim was shot in his apartment during an altercation.

11/01/2004: Jimmie M. Walker @ 174 Turnersburg Highway- Victim was shot near CVS Pharmacy, and possibly involved in an earlier home invasion outside the City limits.

10/19/2008: Cadet Lopez Blackwell @ 510 Hickory Avenue- Victim was shot outside of the residence during a house party.

09/12/2011: Joey Brewer @ 259 Jonathan Lane- Victim was shot in the parking lot of this location.

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