Addressing Youth Violence from the Statesville Police Department

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Statesville Police Department Community Meeting on Addressing Youth Violence

October 17, 2023

Chief of Police - David Onley

Moderator - Bryan Duncan, Executive Director of I-CARE


Why should we be concerned about youth violence?

1.You have 5 minutes to answer this question as a group at your table.

2.Pick a table reporter to give your table’s answer.

Statesville Police Department Mission Statement:

The members of the Statesville Police Department conscientiously strive to be responsive to the needs of the community; knowing that we exist not to serve ourselves, but to serve and protect others. We will work with professionalism, integrity, fairness, and teamwork with the members of our community in a collaborative effort to ensure that Statesville is a city in which people can live, work, and recreate in a safe environment.

Community Meeting Purpose:

This community meeting aims to provide an open platform for dialogue and collaboration between members of the Statesville Police Department, community partners, and concerned citizens. This meeting will emphasize solution-driven discussions based on current trends and SPD data related to youth violence.

BOLO – Be On the Lookout…

Definition of a Gang:  § 14-50.16A:

Any ongoing organization, association, or group of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, that

(1) has as one of its primary activities the commission of criminal or delinquent acts, and

(2) shares a common name, identification, signs, symbols, tattoos, graffiti, attire, or other distinguishing characteristics, including common activities, customs, or behaviors.

An individual is identified as a gang member based on AT LEAST THREE of the following criteria:

    1. Self-admission of gang membership
    2. Reliable source (including parent or guardian)
    3. Gang symbols, hand signs, or graffiti
    4. Display of colors or style of dress
    5. Involvement of gang activity
    6. Physical evidence of gang membership
    7. Tattoos/ Markings associated with gang
    8. Gang language/ Terminology
    9. Social Media appearance promoting gang

BOLO – Be On the Lookout…

  • BBG (Big Boy Gorillas) - Bloods
  • OTL (On the Lane)- Crip
  • NMG (No Mercy Gang) - Bloods
  • Lincoln Park Bloods- Bloods
  • EBK (Everybody Killas) – Crip

SPD Investigative Report Data by Year & Age:

Incidents In





Ages 5-11





Ages 12-17





Ages 18-24





Ages 25 & Up





*2023 data is through 10/13/23

Repeat Juvenile Offenders:

In 2020 -There were 121 Juveniles that committed 1 crime

There were 22 Juveniles that committed 2 or more crimes

In 2021 -There were 152 Juveniles that committed 1 crime

There were 54 Juveniles that committed 2 or more crimes

In 2022 -There were 167 Juveniles that committed 1 crime

There were 53 Juveniles that committed 2 or more crimes

In *2023 -There are 171 Juveniles that have committed 1 crime

There are 43 Juveniles that have committed 2 or more crimes

Juveniles / Guns / Crimes:

*In 2023:

Juveniles with firearms used in crimes = 21

 In 2022:

Juveniles with firearms used in crimes = 14

 In 2021:

Juveniles with firearms used in crimes = 18

 In 2020:

Juveniles with firearms used in crimes = 19

Statesville Police Department Initiatives

VCU – Violent Crime Unit

CRT – Crime Reduction Team

Narcotics Division

CompStat Driven Response – Data-Driven

Professional Standards – CALEA

Communications & Records

Patrol Division & K-9 Officers

Criminal Investigations Division & Evidence

Community Services Division

COPS – Community Oriented Police Services

School Resource Officers

Housing Officer

Traffic Unit/DWI Task Force

Downtown Community Impact Officer

Crime Prevention Officer

Explorers Program – Ages 14-20

Citizen’s Police Academy – 8-Week Program – 18 & Over

Specialized Community Response – Disabilities


JCPC – Juvenile Crime Prevention Council

Aspire Kid

Children’s Hope Alliance

Piedmont Mediation, Inc.

Pharos Parenting

Iredell-Statesville Schools

Boys and Girls Club of the Piedmont


Statesville Parks & Recreation

Bentley Center

Rainbow Kids


United Way - 211


Angel Wings

Men of Valor


Speak Life & Live

Hoops for Christ

LIFT – Foundation of Hope Ministries

Village Intervention Partnership

Success Institute

ARS-American Renaissance School

Statesville Christian School

DACI – Drug-Alcohol Coalition of Iredell

Next Meeting

We look forward to following-up and hearing more from our COMMUNITY PARTNERS on November 13, 2023 from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM at the Statesville Civic Center.

Contact Us:

Chief David W. Onley
 [email protected]

Assistant Chief Bryan Johnson
 [email protected]

Assistant Chief J. Ivarsson
[email protected]

View the Full Presentation from the October 17, 2023 Community Meeting on Addressing Youth Violence here

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